"Haikus are Stupid!!!"

After all, a haiku is just a seventeen syllable sentence that rarely ever makes any sense, right? 


It is much more of an art than that and is why there is such a following of dedicated devotees! And trust me, it's not because we like counting our fingers, while we think up something to say! I can't lie though, I always find it amusing to see people do so! :)

counting syllables
on your fingers while speaking
it's a haiku thing

On reddit, there is an article that actually addresses this topic (link below). It's entitled, "I think haikus are an inferior form of poetry".  The author supports this claim by saying.

"The structure is only 5-7-5 syllables per each line. I can concoct any sentence to suit that. The rhythm is stupid and each poem looks like a disjointed paragraph. "

Honestly, i have seen many haiku structured this way, and most of them were in fact pretty "stupid" or amateurish, but at deeper inspection I found there's more, much more, to this form of micro poetry. 

The top reply was a fellow reddit user that responded in an artful way. She said,"

Beauty in haiku
does not come from the rhyming
or the lack thereof

Art is not made great
by the skill necessary
to put it to words

Art is expression
Craftsmanship is not the same
Haiku requires both

Reliance on rhymes
is like pop chords in music
Easy but simple

Haiku is different
The limits are placed on length
Words must be succinct

Anyone can paint
but an artist they are not
that requires more

To evoke feelings
in such a limited space
is no simple feat

for the its form can be learned
just like for all art"

And that my friend is what the Haiku is all about. It is why we at Nu Haiku are such complete fanatics. A good haiku should be packed with meaning that evokes a lingering thought and should be read as instructed below to be properly enjoyed!!

treat haiku like books
take your time open them up
read between th3 lines

Take care,
Lionell aka "The Haiku Cowboy"


1.) https://www.reddit.com/r/changemyview/comments/1p2s7t/i_think_haikus_are_an_inferior_form_of_poetry_cmv/               

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